Clare Downham

Your Wellbeing Guide

I was a Headteacher until March 2015, when I burnt out, walked out and never went back. A year later I resigned from my 20-year career in education and retrained as a hypnotherapist and coach. I spent the next 4 years immersed in therapy, self-development, reading and learning, trying everything to ‘fix’ myself from the feeling of not being ‘good enough’ or ‘complete’. In early 2020, I came across a different way of seeing the world through a simple and logical understanding of how the brain and mind work. I was finally able to step off the self-development hamster wheel, and be okay with who I am. Inner peace at last! Today, I guide stressed-out and anxious professional women on their own unique journey, to help them reconnect to what’s always been within them – inner peace, clarity and confidence. Knowing you are not alone and sharing your experiences with someone that understands can help us realise our true purpose which comes with so many rewards.